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Paul Hodgson is widely considered one of the foremost authorities in the field of executive compensation, having researched and written about the subject for more than 20 years. His opinions are widely sought and he regularly appears in major print and broadcast media as well as speaking at conferences and seminars. Mr. Hodgson is working as a freelance journalist for "Responsible Investor" and for "Motley Fool" as well as an independent governance commentator and undertaking contract work for governance research firm BHJ Partners. Until recently he was GMI Ratings’ Chief Research Analyst. He joined The Corporate Library in 2001 and was the chief architect of the executive and director compensation databases there, and the author of most of the company’s published research on compensation as well as other areas of governance. Mr. Hodgson oversaw compensation data collection and was responsible for the input and design of all The Corporate Library’s, and now GMI Ratings’, compensation products, ratings and services. He was also the chief author on GMI’s award winning blog and continues to be a regular contributor to Prior to joining The Corporate Library in 2001, he worked for The Executive Compensation Review (ECR), published by Incomes Data Services (IDS) in London. Joining as a researcher on IDS’s Management Pay Review, he became the Assistant Editor of the Executive Compensation Review in 1995. While there he was responsible for building up and designing the ECR’s executive compensation research program, as well as writing and researching the influential Directors' Pay Report series. Mr. Hodgson was also elected the National Union of Journalists’ Father of Chapel at the firm. He is the author of numerous books and research reports on executive pay for GMI Ratings, The Corporate Library, Incomes Data Services and Remuneration Economics. These include Pay for Failure, Pay for Success, Executive Share Incentives: Policy and Practice, The Directors’ Pay Report, My Big Fat Corporate Loan, Golden Parachutes & Cushion Landings and Golden Hellos. He has also had articles published in numerous journals, including ‘Fortune’, ‘Business Week’, ‘The Guardian’, ‘Reuters’, 'Responsible Investor’, ‘Bloomberg’, ‘Business Week’, ‘Forbes’, ‘Directorship’, ‘Ivey Business Journal’, ‘Corporate Secretary Magazine’ and ‘Directors and Boards’. His most recent book was Building Value Through Compensation, a title in the CCH Board Perspectives series. Mr. Hodgson is a graduate of Durham University (U.K.) and University College, Cardiff, Wales. Google

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