James Brumley

General Information

James Brumley
Fool Since:
April 7 2005

Investing Basics

Investing Experience:
Medium High
Risk Tolerance:
Medium High
Investing Style:
Motley (i.e. Anything goes!)
Portfolio Size:
Medium (4-12 Stocks)


Favorite Sports or Teams:
Green Bay Packers
Favorite Board Games:
Monopoly (seriously)

An Interview with jbrumley

Last updated: 5/14/2011
The Fool:
Is there a public figure that inspires you?
The late Ronald Reagan will always be my hero.
The Fool:
In what way would society be different if bears had become the dominant sentient species?
The furniture would be a lot bigger.
The Fool:
How do you define success?
Having the freedom, means, and ability to do what you want, when you want, how you want, whenever you want.
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How I Invest

Every 'trade' I place has the potential to become an investment. And, every 'investment' I make may end up being treated as a mere trade. Having that mental flexibility is the key, I believe. I'm also a fan of ignoring Wall Street's picks, and coming up with my own ideas. The more obscure, the better.