Gene Dettmann

General Information

Gene Dettmann
Fool Since:
May 29 2007
Where I Live:
Where I Grew Up:
PHOTO: Fox getting a drink in the front yard

Investing Basics

Investing Experience:
Medium High
Risk Tolerance:
Medium High
Investing Style:
Motley (i.e. Anything goes!)
Types of Investments:
Fri 12/15/2017 Change: 0.70% _Portfolio vs High (11/28/2017): -2.81% _YTD Portfolio: 25.73% __ YTD SP500: 19.52%__ YTD NASDAQ: 28.86% _XIRR since 2005: 20.41%
Stocks I Own:
Growth 30.06% of portfolio: ALGN AMZN BRK-B CELG CLNE HAIN IRBT NFLX NVEE PAYC PYPL SHOP SPLK WPRT __Dividend Core 35.79% of portfolio: ABBV AEP CAT CCI EMR HCN HON JNJ KHC KMB KO MO NLY O OAK PAYX PEP PLOW SAFT SYY UTX VER VZ __Other Dividend 15.68% of portfolio: CGNX DHIL DIS EGOV GNTX NXST SBUX SWKS TSCO TXRH __ETFs 3.31% of portfolio: BIV IJR IWC VEU VIG VNQ VO VOO __Mutual Funds 2.86% of portfolio: USHYX USIBX __Options 0.36% of portfolio: WFC Jan 2019 45.000 call __Cash 11.93% of portfolio

Investing Favorites

Fri 12/15/2017 Monthly Change*: __Jan 3.71% __Feb 2.69% __Mar 1.29% __Apr 2.74% __May 2.14% __Jun -1.58% __Jul 5.12% __Aug 0.91% __Sep 2.17% __Oct 3.94% __Nov 0.80% __Dec -0.63% * Not adjusted for withdrawals / deposits
Stock Sectors: __Energy: 4- 1.54% __Industrial: 5- 10.45% __Consumer Discretionary: 8- 29.85% __Consumer Staples: 7- 12.95% __Health Care: 4- 8.02% __Financials: 5- 6.25% __MREIT: 1- 2.37% __Info Tech: 7- 18.39% __Telecom Services: 1- 1.17% __Utilities: 1- 1.69% __REIT: 4- 7.31%
Portfolio Income vs Living Expenses: 102.30% _Dividend Core 67.83% _Other Dividend 7.89% _ETFs 3.25% _Mutual Funds 7.99% _Cash 15.35%
Portfolio Makeup: _Stock: 81.53% _Stock ETF: 3.04% _Bond ETF: 0.27% _Bond MF: 2.86% _Cash: 11.93% _Options/Short: 0.00% __By Acct Type: Taxable: 10.65% _Trad IRA: 48.42% _Roth IRA: 40.92%
Top Ten Stocks (48.02%): NFLX 16.92% - CGNX 8.31% - PLOW 4.66% - MO 4.11% - KMB 3.05% - O 2.73% - PAYX 2.28% - AMZN 2.04% - ALGN 1.99% - NLY 1.94%
Top 10 Income Producers: 64.67% of Income: Annuities 15.00% - NLY 9.47% - MO 7.55% - O 6.05% - PLOW 5.87% - USHYX 5.61% - KMB 4.98% - HCN 3.47% - VER 3.35% - SAFT 3.32%
52 Week Highs for Fri 12/15/2017 Stock 3: NXST, PAYX, UTX _ Funds 2: VIG, VOO
Largest Gain by percent: 4.25% PLOW _ by dollar: PLOW __ Largest Drop: by percent: -2.36% SBUX _ by dollar: SBUX for Fri 12/15/2017

Investing Expertise

Greatest Investment:
Cash by Acct Type: _Taxable: 7.86% _Trad IRA: 26.40% _Roth IRA: 65.74%
Worst Investment:
Income by Account Type: Taxable 1.72% Trad IRA 52.59% Roth IRA 45.69%
Money I Manage:
2017 Percent Dividend & Interest Income by Month: Jan 8.72% Feb 6.89% Mar 6.93% Apr 7.42% May 6.42% Jun 19.07% Jul 7.83% Aug 10.94% Sep 7.88% Oct 7.78% Nov 6.21% Dec 3.90% as of Tue 12/12/2017


Personal Quote:
If you don't have a goal, how will you know when you score?
My Interests:
Old tractors
Person(s) I'd Like To Meet:
Mike Holmes, Robert Irvine
Favorite Restaurants or Foods:
Trent Country Club, Lucy's, Catfish Corner, Heff's, Brick Oven Pizza
Favorite Movies:
The Searchers, The Best Years of Our Lives, Seven Days in May, Executive Suite
Favorite Music or Musicians:
Vladimir Horowitz, Artur Rubenstein, Evgeny Kissin

An Interview with gdett2

Last updated: 10/13/2017
The Fool:
If you could use one example from your life to teach a financial lesson, what would it be?
MAKE A PLAN! We started a retirement plan over 30 years ago. It wasn't much and was loosely followed for about 14 years. Then we looked at it more closely and refined it. About 8 years later, we were scrubbing expenses and truly looking hard at all the angles, making it bullet proof. The Difference? Our original idea was to retire around 2016/17. The planning allowed us to retire in 2005. Planning was a worthwhile exercise for us. Will it be one for you ????????
The Fool:
How do you define success?
Success for me is being in a position that I can do what I want, when I want and not be concerned about finances any more. This also coincides with my definition of Retirement and here we are.
The Fool:
What's been your best investment to date, and how did you discover it?
INTC from the late 80's all through the 90's. I looked into it because I liked the chips and invested in the company. The funny thing is I did everything wrong. I took a large portion of our cash and bought stock. After dropping 20%, it went up a few dollars and I more than doubled our position. It was the only stock we owned for about 2 more years. It did great but it could have been a disaster. I was lucky!

How I Invest

Motley. My primary wealth builder over the past 40 years has been real estate, all rural, unimproved acreage. Researching and finding under-valued property was something I understood and enjoyed. I would identify distressed markets/areas, buy property and hold it for a market rebound, normally 2 to 3 years. Investing in stock came later. Investing in stocks or anything else is quite similar. Find and buy something at a market value below a normal value and wait for it to be recognized by others so they will buy it from you at a higher price.