Denny Ceizyk

Denny has twenty years of front line boots on the ground mortgage industry experience, peppered with a George Bayley It's A Wonderful Life idealism about the importance of sustainable housing. He is working to bring an Aerosmith entertainment value meets Tony Robbins energy to mortgage and housing financial literacy, in the hopes that the next generation of homeowners will be the most successful in history. If that doesn't work out, you'll probably find him him in Nashville doing some front porch pickin'. maybe even singing about chickens, beer, and underwater homeowners. He has advocated for mortgage financial literacy, worked with non profit foreclosure prevention efforts in Arizona, and promoted the framework for industry driven mortgage lending reforms he hopes will protect homeowners from a repeat of the housing boom and bust. He longs for his Mister Smith Goes to Washington ,oment (yes, he likes Capra movies) t to convince Congress to implement K-12 financial literacy into the nations math curriculum so high school graduates are armed with real life financial applications of their math knowledge.

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Denny Ceizyk
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February 4 2012