Lennox Yieke

How did Yieke end up writing about energy, materials and utilities? He started out by covering breaking financial news at ValueWalk, an authoritative financial news and value investing website. As he grew in his understanding of financial markets, Yieke gained an appreciation of the fact that energy, materials and utilities are formidable economic levers. He was dazzled by the idea that one seemingly small decision made by a single energy company had a ripple effect that was not only felt by its peers, but also cut across unrelated industries as well as the wider economy. In his journey to understand energy, materials and utilities even better, he found himself helplessly tapping away at his keyboard and posting great content at the Fool.com, a trusted investment community that has made investing fun for more than decade. Yieke has an academic background in commerce and also contributes to mainstream business print publications in Africa, including Business Monthly, a premier business magazine circulated across a host of African countries such as Kenya and Tanzania.

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Lennox Yieke
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May 28 2012