Peter Stephens

Having held various senior management positions in the manufacturing sector, Peter founded his own manufacturing company in 1996. This was subsequently sold in 2007. Meanwhile, his passion for investing (which began during the privatizations of the 1980s) remains strong and he couples this with writing for The Motley Fool as a Healthcare Specialist. His investment style is value-oriented; focusing on company fundamentals, as well as assessing the strength and presence of a competitive advantage. While above-average growth prospects remain very attractive, a greater focus on dividends has crept in since Peter became a part-time retiree in 2007.

General Information

Peter Stephens
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December 6 2013
TMFstockpicker (7/7/2014), stockpicker (12/6/2013)

Investing Basics

Stocks I Own:
LSE:ADM, LSE:AFC, LSE:AMS, LSE:AN, LSE:ANCR, LSE:APH, LSE:AV, LSE:AZN, LSE:BAB, LSE:BATS, LSE:BA, LSE:BARC, LSE:BKG LSE:BLND, LSE:BLT, LSE:BP, LSE:BQE, LSE:BRBY, LSE:BVS, LSE:BYG, LSE:CARD, LSE:CEY, LSE:CHOO, LSE:CLIN, LSE:CLLN, LSE:CNA, LSE:CPI, LSE:CRW, LSE:DEB, LSE:DGE, LSE:DLG, LSE:DOM, LSE:DTG, LSE:EAH, LSE:EZJ, LSE:FDL, LSE:FRES, LSE:FXPO, LSE:GAMA, LSE:GFRD, LSE:GSK, LSE:HEAD, LSE:HIK, LSE:HSBA, LSE:IGG, LSE:IMB, LSE:JDG, LSE:KAZ, LSE:LAND, LSE:LGEN, LSE:LLOY, LSE:LRD, LSE:MANX, LSE:MKS, LSE:MRW, LSE:NEX, LSE:NFC, LSE:NG, LSE:NUM, LSE:NWR, LSE:OML, LSE:PFC, LSE:PFD, LSE:PNN, LSE:PRU, LSE:RBS, LSE:RDSA, LSE:RDSB, LSE:RDW, LSE:RIO, LSE:RMG, LSE:RRS, LSE:RST, LSE:RWS, LSE:S32, LSE:SAA, LSE:SAGA, LSE:SBRY, LSE:SCPA, LSE:SCT, LSE:SL, LSE:SSE, LSE:STAN, LSE:TALK, LSE:TSCO, LSE:TW, LSE:ULVR, LSE:UU, LSE:UVEL, LSE:VEC, LSE:VOD, LSE:VTU, LSE:WJG, LON:WPG, LSE:WTB, LSE:ZYT, NYSE:MO, NYSE:PM, SL Invesco Perpetual High Income Pension Fund, SL JP MORGAN Natural Resources Pension Fund, SL SLI European Equity Growth Pension Fund, SL SLI Global Emerging Markets Eq Unconstrained Pn, SL SLI Strategic Bond Pension Fund, SL SLI UK Equity High Income Pension Fund, SL SLI UK Smaller Companies Pension Fund, SL Vanguard US Equity (AMLP) Pension Fund, Standard Life 30:60:10 Gbl Emg Mkt Eq Trk (VG) Pn, Standard Life Individual Property Pension Fund, Standard Life Multi Asset Mgd (20-60% Shares) Pn, Standard Life North American Equity Pension Fund, F&C Commercial Property Trust