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August 14 2012
don952taylor (12/5/2017)

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Investing Experience:
Medium High
Risk Tolerance:
Medium High
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Long-Term Buy to Hold
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Large (12 or more Stocks)
Stocks I Own:
MA, NTFX, SHOP, Priceline, Cognex

An Interview with Winlockdon

Last updated: 9/22/2017
The Fool:
As a former child and possibly parent of one now, share your best advice about raising children.
My parents always emphasized that life was not fair, and my life and happiness was my responsibility, no one else. When my children were in middle school I asked them one night at dinner what they were going to do when they graduated from high school. They looked at me funny, like, why would you asked that. I informed them the home they lived in was my and their mothers home, and living with us after high school was not an option and they needed to plan for what their next step in life was going to be.

Both children made excellent choices and I can't be happier. As I told my wife, we can start out with tough love, but if they needed help, we could always walk back from that position. But if our children came to over rely on mom and dad, it would be hard to push them out the door.
The Fool:
What's been your best investment to date, and how did you discover it?
I was a customer of Netflix before I invested. At one time it became 20% + of my portfolio because it did so well. I have since trimmed it to less than 10%, but it is up over 450% for me.
The Fool:
Do you have a favorite company or stock which the worldwide Foolish community should know about -- and why?
I love SHOP, ANET, NVDA, and now SQ. I thank Motley Fool, and the Fools on the boards for steering me in the right direction.

My Story

Like many of you, I have been bounced around plenty in my life. I started my first business, a CPA firm when I was 28 and did okay by myself, but then decided I needed partners to grow the firm and attract the type of clients I wanted to work with. 1st big mistake, and 2nd and 3rd. Skipping a few details my 3rd partner inherited several million dollars and dad put him on his payroll making $ 100,000 for not much work, and he retired from the business, without really retiring. Ouch. I then got into selling accounting software and started a corporation with a really smart guy that wrote good software so we could sell to people that needed customization. Made and put hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank, until he figured he had enough to fire everyone but the coders and build his own product. Came home from a vacation in Mexico to have a letter firing me, and since I owned less than 50% of the stock, I was not in a good place. Ouch. Went to work for a Ernst Young Technologies, a spin off of the big 5 CPA firm selling accounting software, and networks. After 9-11 and the meltdown they fired everyone west of the Mississippi and I'm a mid 50 guy with 2 kids at home and no job or income. Ouch. Sold my 4 plex investment property, mortgaged my house, borrowed money from family and bought an insurance agency. 15 years later, ready to retire, but no market for an agency that cost me $500,000 15 years ago. Ouch. Bought my 4-plex back at the bottom of the market, live in Seattle area and have seen the value of my home go up 600% in 30 years, and bought another small apartment that doubled in value, increasing my stake in it by 400% in 5 years. Now I listen to Motley Fool, and take foolish advice from fools like you. Translation, I am doing so much better in the market than mutuals its amazing, and looking forward to a foolish and profitable retirement. Fool on.