General Information

Fool Since:
September 3 1997
Where I Live:

Investing Basics

Investing Experience:
Risk Tolerance:
Investing Style:
Long-Term Buy to Hold
Portfolio Size:
Large (12 or more Stocks)

Investing Favorites

aapl acn algn amt amzn anet appn atvi baby bidu bip blx bofi bpy brkb bud bwld casy celg cgnx chuy clns clne cmg cni coh cpa ctsh cwh cys dis dnkn dnow ebay ebs elli enb exel fb fds fit ghc ghdx gild gimo gme goog/l hain has hubs ice intu ions ipgp irbt isrg jd kmi kmx kors luk ma meli midd mkl mnst msa msm mtch ndsn nflx ngg nov ntes nvda oak oke oled payc pcar pcln pi pii praa prlb qcom sbux shop sivb skx splk sq ssw stmp swks tact tcs tcx tdoc trex trip tsla ttd twtr txrh ua ugi ulta vac veev vlo vrx vz w wd wday z

Investing Expertise

Money I Manage:
My own, family & my invaluable friend~the keeper of records and order.

Education And Work Information

Job Title
Former Jobs
Insurance in various capacities.


Personal Quote:
Well done is better than well said. ~ Benjamin Franklin
Favorite Restaurants or Foods:
Any Hillstone Group restaurant
Favorite Vacation Spots:
East Anglia (UK), Italy & Maui
Favorite Sports or Teams:
Volleyball (dad)
Favorite Video Games:
Favorite Music or Musicians:
Blues, Smooth Jazz, Soft Rock
Great Books Read Recently:
Setting the Table—Danny Meyer

How I Invest

Primarily Supernova (Phoenix 1 and Odyssey & II/IV in my taxable account.