Nathaniel Matherson

I started investing roughly 5 years ago with a focus on the services sector. Since then I've expanded into virtually every aspect of the investment industry including domestic and foreign equities, commodities, and corporate bonds. Today, I focus the majority of my attention on finding undervalued small-cap companies with a focus in services and healthcare. At the University of Delaware, I work as a Analyst in the Exelon Trading Center where I am responsible for assisting undergraduate students with professional asset management software packages including Bloomberg and FactSet. Additionally, I am a member of the Blue Hen Investment Club where we manage over $1.3 million in capital spread across a variety of major sectors. Within the club I have worked as a healthcare analyst responsible for analyzing major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. I have been a published contributor at a variety of investment websites including Seeking Alpha,, and Motley Fool. If you would like to get in touch with me to discuss my analysis, the array of start-up ideas I'm always chasing, or anything else, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn (mention you are a Motley Fool reader).

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