General Information

Matt Smith
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December 8 2011
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Investing Basics

Investing Experience:
Risk Tolerance:
Investing Style:
Long-Term Buy to Hold
Portfolio Size:
Large (12 or more Stocks)
Types of Investments:
I am focused on identifying investment opportunities in emerging markets, with a specific focus on Latin America.

Investing Expertise

My Area of Expertise:
Banking and financial stocks, Oil and Gas E&P, Australian stocks, emerging markets in Latin America,

Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended
University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, Securities Institute of Australia.

My Story

Former funds management and investment professional. I have over 14 years experience in the investment management industry with a focus on risk management. I currently hold a Master of Business Law, a Graduate Diploma of Finance and Securities Law, A Gradute Certificate of Financial Advising, a Master of International Relations and a Bachelor of Political Science and Political Economy. I am also a former licensed and accredited financial advisor.

How I Invest

I take a bottom up approach focusing on a companies fundamentals and then applying a thematic macro-economic overlay.