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Dee Power was born on the East Coast and grew up on the West Coast. She holds a Master of Business Administration. She started her writing career in the second grade by writing a Thanksgiving Day play which debuted before many appreciative parents. She is the co-author of several business books, the latest is "The Pocket Small Business Owner's guide to Business Plans." Dee has been engaged to do consulting projects for a myriad of different companies which means she knows a little about nearly every industry. she enjoys delving into what makes a company tick. She is a founding partner of Profit Dynamics Inc.,, which provides strategic, business planning and marketing advice to entrepreneurs and established companies. Dee has been invited as a guest speaker to present on business planning, financing, and venture capital. She has presented at the Small Business Development Centers, Thunderbird International Graduate School of Management, College of Advancing Computer Sciences, Software and High Tech Associations, as well as business groups. She has been interviewed by USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post, BusinessWeek, SmartMoney, and Entrepreneur Magazine as well as Business Journals around the United States. She has also been the guest on radio shows and local TV shows. Books she has co-authored include "The Making of a Bestseller," "Attracting Capital from Angels," " Inside Secrets to Venture Capital" and the novel "Over Time."

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