General Information

Fool Since:
February 26 2001
hsmith1415 (10/17/2016)
Where I Live:
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Investing Basics

Investing Style:
Long-Term Buy and Hold

Investing Favorites

PRAA, BIP, VIVO, JNJ, NUE, GRMN, BLX, SSD, MIDD, DIS, CPA, FAST, FI, GTLS, HD, KMI, KPELY, KTF, NOV, PAYX, PFE, TGH, short AMBA Jan 2018 70 put, long DIS Jan 2018 80 call, long F Jan 2018 14.75 call, short F Jan 2018 14.75 put, long IBM Jan 2020 145 call, short IBM Jan 2020 145 put, long KMI Jan 2018 22.5 call, short KMI Jan 2018 22.5 put, short NFLX Jan 2018 85 put, long NKE Jan 2019 45 call, long SKX Jan 2018 25 call, short SKX Jan 2018 25 put, long WFC Jan 2018 45 call, AAPL, BKE, BRKB, CMG, CNRD, COP, CWGL, ISDR, JLL, LULU, SE, SSW, TTS, UTG, V, AINV, CTRE, DVY, NLY, NRE, NRF, O, ROIC, STAG, UWKI, NGG, AZO, CCI, TSCO; SLCA; T; short PRAA Dec 35 puts; short IBM Jan 160 calls; short NKE Jan 57.5 calls; short TSCO Jan 62.5 calls; short DIS Jan 110 calls; long TTD Jan 2020 50 calls; short TTD Jan 2020 50 puts; short MOMO Jan 2018 25 puts; short CRTO Jan 2018 30 puts; short LULU Jan 2018 80 calls; SNCR

Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended
Job Title
Steel mill


My Interests:
Running (trail and road)
Person(s) I'd Like To Meet:
Jerry Garcia
Favorite Sports or Teams:
Eagles, Flyers, Phillies
Great Books Read Recently:
Lonesome Dove