General Information

Fool Since:
February 26 2001
hsmith1415 (10/17/2016)
Where I Live:
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Investing Basics

Investing Style:
Long-Term Buy and Hold

Investing Favorites

PRAA, BIP, VIVO, JNJ, NUE, GRMN, BLX, SSD, MIDD, DIS, CPA, FAST, FI, GTLS, HD, KMI, KPELY, KTF, NOV, PAYX, PFE, TGH, AMBA; long DIS Jan 2019 85 call, long IBM Jan 2020 145 call, short IBM Jan 2020 145 put, short IBM Oct 2018 150 call; long NKE Jan 2019 45 call, AAPL, BKE, BRKB, CWGL, ISDR, JLL, LULU, SE, SSW, TTS, UTG, V, AINV, CTRE, DVY, NLY, CLNS, O, ROIC, STAG, UWKI, NGG, CCI, TSCO; SLCA; T; short NKE Jan 2019 60 calls; short DIS Feb 110 calls; long TTD Jan 2020 50 calls; short TTD Jan 2020 50 puts; SNCR; EDIT; INTC; long KMI Jan 2020 17 calls; short KMI Jan 2020 17 puts; short JNJ Oct 135 calls; short LULU Dec 90 calls; short NOV Nov 42 calls; short SWKS Nov 87.5 puts; short TSCO Oct 75 calls; short JD Dec 33 puts; short DIS Oct 110 calls; short SLCA Dec 25 puts; long IQ Jan 2020 40 calls; short IQ Jan 2020 40 puts; long ROKU Jan 2020 45 calls; short ROKU Jan 2020 45 puts; long SBUX Jan 2020 35 calls; short SBUX Jan 57.5 calls; short IQ Nov 30 puts; long ROKU Jan 2020 55 calls; short ROKU Jan 2020 55 puts; short SQ Dec 60 puts; ZUO

Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended
Job Title
Steel mill


My Interests:
Running (trail and road)
Person(s) I'd Like To Meet:
Jerry Garcia
Favorite Sports or Teams:
Eagles, Flyers, Phillies
Great Books Read Recently:
Lonesome Dove