Bret Kenwell

General Information

Bret Kenwell
Fool Since:
March 5 2014

Investing Basics

Investing Experience:
Medium High
Risk Tolerance:
Investing Style:
Portfolio Size:
Medium (4-12 Stocks)
Types of Investments:
I seek out quality dividend stocks, but generally prefer either value stocks or companies with high quality, long-term growth prospects. I enjoy using options when possible to both protect and enhance gains.
Stocks I Own:

Investing Favorites

Retail, technology, autos and consumer goods.
I like Michael Lewis and Dan Brown (See below)

Investing Expertise

My Area of Expertise:
Options and U.S. equities.
Greatest Investment:
BAC or S
Worst Investment:

Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended
Central Michigan University
Job Title
Financial Writer


My Interests:
Sports, card games, stock market (obviously), being outside, beaches, golf, yoga, walks.
Favorite Restaurants or Foods:
Love Mediterranean food, and always trying new things.
Favorite Vacation Spots:
Europe, New Orleans, and big U.S. cities.
Favorite Sports or Teams:
Detroit Red Wings, Tigers and Lions. Original 6 hockey and New England teams.
Favorite Music or Musicians:
Jack Johnson, John Mayer and probably the Beatles
Great Books Read Recently:
Finance books and mystery books, (the two of which can often times be tied together!)
Book Currently Reading:
The Lost Symbol

An Interview with Bkenwell

Last updated: 3/12/2014
The Fool:
Are there any local companies in your area that Fools should consider for investment?
I grew up in Michigan (and still live here today), so the autos have a big influence on me. I like both F and GM for the long-term.
The Fool:
What on Wall Street today is most suited for reform?
High Frequency Trading, without question.
The Fool:
What's been your best investment to date, and how did you discover it?
Beaten down Sprint and Bank of America, because they were so deeply undervalued.

Starbucks and Disney were not beaten down, but undervalued just a few years ago.
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My Story

I stumbled my way into financial writing, doing it only at first to put my thoughts on paper and organize my ideas. I figured it could help others in their search for sound investments, while helping myself to debunk any flaws in my long or short thesis. Eventually I found writing to be very satisfying and began focusing on it in a much more serious manner. The bottom line: I WANT to help you. I know what it's like to be entering the markets without a mentor, without any push from anyone. To be standing there on Day 1, wondering where to turn, who to trust, and what to do. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions. While I'm not too keen on 'buy this, sell that' I will explain things in plain English. Point you in the right direction and tell you who and what you can trust. So PLEASE, don't hesitate to reach out. I love helping!

How I Invest

I mainly focus on two types of stocks: momentum growth stocks that have proven growth, strong expected growth and operate in a secular growth environment. The other stocks I seek are quality companies that continue to grow earnings and dividends, while having a strong balance sheet. Finally, I search out those 'game-changing' stocks that may not have the most compelling valuation today, but could be worth much more 5 to 10 years into the future.